Tech Resumes Get Them Right… Part 2.

Web Designers take note. Here is where I think most of you are getting this wrong – potentially losing you a look into that perfect job.

You may or may not be aware of this, but most recruitment companies will use a database as part of their back-end to filter through everyone’s applications.

8 out of 10 Web Designers I speak with / hear from, like to be a ‘little over the top’ in the way they create their resumes. What I mean is this, they like to make their resumes a fancy PDF, that’s super colourful et cetera. YES this looks good, but its to difficult for lazy recruiters and potential employers who are short on time.

However if you think about how the average database is created today, it generally relies on letters & numbers to pick up the content and rank you in the recruiters / potential employers, database. IF your resume is a glossy PDF – you may be the most qualified person NOT receiving that phone call for work. Simple.

The old K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) is the best resume format to go by. Keep it word format AND keep it to basic black and white – titles, companies, durations at companies OR in freelance positions and briefs on your activities in those positions.

Your Friend in web, Jason W. Roulston


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