Get Rid Of Your Recruiter

A slightly interesting blog, that will probably have a lot of people thinking, why on earth a recruiter would even write about such a subject like this..

A necessary evil – annoying sales people – clowns with no idea; just some of the terms that can describe some recruiters out an about town, however when it really comes down to it, what is it about a certain recruiter that can make them a valuable member in your business?

Some of you reading this will probably be thinking, NOTHING.. a recruiter has absolutely no place in my business and can provide no value to me, WHY; probably because you source your own talent and the old cliche – the recruitment fee is too much to justify. Okay, fair call.

However, if you’re an individual or an organisation that has managed to partner with a recruiter and you use them to continuously or occasionally hunt for your next talented team member, here are some key factors to measure their performance against; what is the ratio of resumes you’ve received to candidates you’ve interviewed and then, candidates you’ve liked and believe are good enough to hire in your business – Communication, have they asked how you’d like to be engaged upon AND how easy is it to reach your recruiter – Honesty, does the stuff she says stack up / do their insights into the current state of the market seem right to you and are they backing up their theories with facts? – (this is one question most recruiters hate to answer) but, know what your recruiters various talent attraction methods are. WHY is this important to know? You don’t want your recruiter doing the obvious things you could be doing to find talent, they need to have genuine talent attraction strategies to leverage off. Results, what are the results they’ve created in your business, what is the performance like, of the team members they’ve hired for you?

Knowing these 4 key performance factors are important, will help you closely monitor the effectiveness of your recruiter, making them earn their fee, whilst optimising the talent in your business.

When looking to utilise a recruiter – exclusively engage a specialist in the space you wish to recruit in – check them against the 4 key performance factors *mentioned above – and give them 2 weeks to deliver good and competent talent into your business – otherwise ‘get rid of your recruiter’.

Ever curious about the current market salaries in the tech industry? A good recruiter should be able to provide you with up to date and accurate data within 24 hours.

Your Friend, Jason W. Roulston – remember to share.


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