STOP asking for a job.

Jobless & looking? Almost all of us at some point in our career lives have been in this situation – FRUSTRATING as H$@k at times, especially when you aren’t having much luck and it feels as though no ones listening to you.

I’ll keep this blog short AND relevant for my strongest audience; Junior to Intermediates in the web development space – after all these are generally the people I get to help the most with what I do.

This is how it generally works ‘behind the scenes’ before job ads hit the internet;

An organisation here in Brisbane will phone through and ask for my help in searching for a talented new addition to their team. A general rule of thumb is that I advertise every 2nd or 3rd new position that comes in. This is followed closely by various other network leveraging strategies, emails and phone calls x 1 million*< just to name a couple ways of talent attraction – the real secret is – talent attraction never stops for me – I have relationships with a large number of companies around Brisbane, I can phone them after meeting someone talented and they’ll be only to happy to proceed with an interview.

Now this is where it gets good – for those juniors and intermediate web developers out there who’re finding it rather tricky to score a new and exciting job – here’s what’s really going on and the reasons that you’re probably been told you’ve come in second to someone else.

MOST of the talent who arrive on the market that get a new job quick, are generally the ones who’ve built websites, web apps, web products and or systems in their OWN spare time – not only on a uni assignment and not for a company that no longer is in business OR doesn’t have anything customer facing for you to show.

Here’s the secret again – come up with ideas / make some time and build something useful, using the skills and knowledge you’ve gained from uni, tafe or youtube (for the self-taught) – build something clever to show potential employers.

If you can prove a basic ability to code HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery in a project of your own and you’ve spent your own time (late nights & weekends) doing this, you will get a new job in no time. Promise – I’ll even help you find it for FREE.. 🙂

The first question I always ask a junior developer is, what have you built? Generally and unfortunately, silence is usually on the phone – however it’s getting better, thanks to sites such as GitHub or If you haven’t heard of these sites and you’re looking to get the edge in this competitive digital market – don’t do another thing today until you’ve logged into GitHub and made a profile. NEXT, make time to go back in and contribute to it!

Following some of what I’ve just discussed, will have you on the right track to achieving a sweet new position, getting paid for what you love doing.

HOT TIP; Provide evidence of the potential value you can create in your own time AND surely someone will give you a chance to create more of it on their time – thus giving you a job. Do this and you’ll never have to ask for a job again.

For more inside tips on what you can do to earn an exciting new opportunity in web development, feel free to give me a quick phone call – I’m always happy to point the willing, in the right direction.

Your friend, Jason W. Roulston


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