Maybe why you haven’t got a job yet…

Everyone changes their mind. Some more infrequently than others. However lately I’ve been noticing this more than ever, perhaps it’s the winter getting to everyone here in Brisbane.. OR perhaps it’s just me.

I want to highlight some important aspects of your interview preparation;

During the initial meeting between yourself and the recruiter – the key points that you and the recruiter agree and discuss upon, such as – salaries – notice periods & interview dress wear etc. must stay the same.

Here’s what I mean; let’s just say you’re a web developer and you’re interviewing at a corporate company tomorrow, the dress wear will more than likely be, brushed hair, suit and tie. If you’re going to see an agency, the dress wear will probably be more casual like.

OK – so don’t go home that night and listen to someone else who tells you, you should switch these up. (if in doubt prior to the interview – use the recruiter, they’re there to help). More often than not the recruiter will intimately know the company you are going to interview with, so inside previews as to how they are, are generally very accurate. HOT TIP – take note 🙂

Secondly, it is very important to inform your recruiter of any changes that may have occurred in your career life – right up until you walk into the interview – i.e. if you’re agreed notice period has been renegotiated with your current employer – inform the recruiter. Same applies if you’re running late for a meeting – let the person you’re meeting with know. WHO CARES if it’s raining OR you can’t find parking, et cetera – pull over flick a txt / make a quick call. 40 secs – saves you grace. Believe.

Like it or not – we’re all trying to sell some..thing. During an interview the spot light’s on you – the way you come across; appearance first – you as a person mostly – your technical knowledge/experience 3rd – aptitude to learn, generally gauged upon your attitude in the meeting, lastly.

For more inside tips email me;

Your Friend, Jason W. Roulston.


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