Nodejs & iOS Development … What’s the deal here?

Over the past 2+ months I’ve been hearing loads of new dev buzz words around town, however the ones that seem to be trending a lot around my start-ups to SME clients are all about; Responsive Design – Nodejs & iOS.

I would be very interested to hear your opinions on why using these technologies has become so popular here in Brisbane and beyond – AND why larger companies haven’t and continue still not taking on new and more advanced ways of doing things…

Love the big companies – However it seems that there’s a group of 7-9 newer companies to the Brisbane market, with a truck load of cash and heavy requirements in the iOS & Nodejs Development space right now…? Guys & Girls, why so popular? When things here aren’t all completely ratified and we’re at risk of project slow downs due to bugging et cetera. (mind my limited knowledge of web development – I’m not actually a developer). lol


...Go on say something;

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