Why doesn’t that recruiter ever call you back…?

You’re never annoying them – just keep calling. Perhaps get creative..

Contrary to popular belief, there may be a number of genuine reasons, so let’s have a look at a few of the reasons I’ve seen from behind the scenes.

…Now whatever your situation is that transpires in your life that has you actively searching for your next job, that’s either going to just pay the bills or be your DREAM job, more than likely in a haste you’ll slap together a resume, or you’ll carefully do your research and prepare a well thought-out resume that reads with ease and grabs attention quickly. Next you’ll send your chosen resume off on the wires to a lot of jobs, (besides you’ve got a better chance if you spam out your resume right)… OR if you carefully list through all of the adverts listed within the online job boards and call / tweet / email, friends in various companies around town to see if they know anyone, who may know someone, who’ll be able to hook you up.

Eventually your searches may bring you to a recruiters office, so there you are sitting opposite that girl or guy in a tie, who more than likely has never been in your shoes in your specific industry, asking you a bunch of questions that probably don’t make much sense, but you go with it anyway because after all they have all the jobs right..? Well maybe, you can never be sure.

Look everyones different, everyone comes here with varying levels of talent. In web & tech I meet people of all ages and all levels of skill, and it never ceases to amaze me the level of skill someone can self-teach themselves from google & youtube – (spend some time and figure it out for yourself)!

If you’re struggling to find a cool job that you know, you’ll be great at – the best thing for you to do is make sure the recruiter understands your skill level! Recruitment is a small world, especially here in Brisbane – it also never ceases to amaze me how my industry peers can interview ‘joe bloe’ and then I can interview him, a few days pass, he won’t hear back from his first interview and yet I can find him that same candidate a new job within 48 hours. Yeah alright I’m boasting a little – but so what, I’m sure it happens vice versa. Point is someone understood that candidates skill set more intimately and were able to match it better with a certain client in the market place – it’s also a small world from a client perspective too, understand that 🙂

GOLD PIECE OF ADVICE – candidates need to figure out – and this will have a profound impact on your job hunting success; what type of job you want? – sure it’s a difficult question to answer at the best of times. Try to picture it in your head and write it down if you have too. Just know that if you were something in a previous job and you’d like to be something different / higher level / different department, whatever in your next job – put together a good case about you first. Remember that you don’t pay recruiters to find you a job it’s for FREE right..? Inside tip – research job types available / research the type of companies you’d like to work with and prepare yourself as best you can 🙂 Good recruiters generally have very good contacts – by showing yourself in the best light – they’ll be able to join the dots a lot quicker for you!

There are lots of candidates out there, not you, that don’t care about what type of job they get, if you ‘care’ that could be the difference.

Thank you for reading 🙂 call me if you’ve got any questions on this..

Your friend, Jason W. Roulston


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