Do you ever really trust a recruiter?

Most people’s thoughts are that recruiters do the job purely for the money.. and yes most people get into agency recruitment for the money, however those same people – and most successful recruiters will agree with me – when you realise the impact you have on an individuals career and their life – it becomes more than just about the money.

When do recruiters stop becoming a recruiter to you and become a trusted advisor, a real friend..? That is like the million dollar question here. There are a few key factors that can help you judge this. How often does your recruiter communicate with you? How important do you think you are to your recruiter? How has your recruiters advice turned out for you so far? Mind you, these are only a few of the determining factors that indicate what your relationship is with your recruiter.

Funny story, last month I met a talented web developer that seemed to have a very decent skill set, however lacked some commercial / practical experience in web development. After catching up with her at our office and providing a general appraisal on her skill set and what her experience could get for her et cetera – it was time to see if I could match her with any of my clients.. I had mentioned one company to her, so I got right to it and booked her a meeting. During our interview we discussed that she may attract a salary of around $50,000+ super – at the time I felt that she was determined to go for more money – I assured her I’d do my best – genuinely explaining how things to work when going for a new job, however I still felt that she knew best, so I left it be.

Fast forward 2 weeks – my phone rings and it’s her on the line, glad to hear from her – although unfortunately she still hadn’t found anyone that wanted to ‘give her’ a good place to work at, $60,000+ super. So again I explained my view as honestly and as fairly as one could – however still fixed with a view that she was worth $60k she went on her way. Fast forward 1 month and I receive another call, this time I organised a second meeting.

Story short – it turns out that the candidate eventually took my advice and is now happier than ever with a company that is really looking after her, which (funny story) happened to be that very first job that I interviewed her for 7 odd weeks earlier. 🙂

Stories like this aren’t uncommon – but generally the most accurate way to judge whether or not to take a recruiters advice, is to ask them three questions; 1) How long they have been recruiting in their particular space for? 2) How long have they been doing this, in this particular part of the world? and 3) How many people they have hired for the company they’re sending you out to? To validate immediately –  If you’re still unsure – politely ask to speak with some of their current placements in work at that company – I know that any of my current placements in Brisbane would be more than happy to speak with new and potential hires.

Feel free to leave comments on your experiences with recruiters in Brisbane, in the comments below..

Your friend Jason W. Roulston


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