How to apply for a Tech job properly…

Applying yourself in the right way makes a lot of the difference – screw it up and you may have just lost your chance for that particular job that you really wanted. Yeah fair enough, a lot of people go onto job boards and SPAM every job they can see, that resembles even the slightest of relevance to what they may have done 2, 3 – 6 or even 9 years ago as part of one of their jobs etc – and it’s also the tech market, it’s very fast paced, things happen quickly so you can be forgiven for thinking; right 10 jobs, 10 random applications (damn it, do I have to fill out my phone number 10 times) etc.

HOWEVER is this the right approach and what could you be doing differently to grab the attention of that employer / manager or god forbid recruiter..?

First tip, and I’ve touched on this in my previous blogs this week – you MUST make your resume relevant to that particular job you are applying for. Secondly, set yourself a reminder – apply online and then set time aside to call through 4 – 12 hours after applying online – here you’ll make a specific follow-up call to see if the intended recipient received your application..? Better still, if you’d prefer just to call up in the initial approach, do so been mindful of their time. Call up, ring ring … when the person on the other end answers, immediately introduce yourself (full-name), ask if you’ve called at a good time.? YES – then ask if XYZ job is still available..? YES great, then ask what particular skill set are they looking for at this time – sounds a bit stupid doesn’t it? Well the number of times IT projects in general change spec is ridiculous – so asking that question makes sense. Following this and if you’re deemed to be suitable – send your resume across to them, as they specify you do so. Following this you may need to make yourself readily available for a face to face meeting with the person who has the power to help get you the position..

Your friend, Jason W. Roulston


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