Mastering that first interview.. Part 1.

Granted almost every situation is different with regards to first interviews – sometimes they can be general chit chats to see if you like the company and the current projects their running, sometimes it’s a ‘fingers crossed’ I hope I nail this, other times it’s a bit like meh, if I get this cool and cool if I don’t. (for those lucky enough at present, to have options).

Whilst there’s a fine line between how to do interviews and how not to, I won’t bore you with all the trivial bits and pieces – I just thought I’d share a ‘little something’ I’ve learnt from conducting over a thousand interviews, and assisting over 325 candidates through employer to employee interviews.

First impressions are everything – so make sure you ONLY turn up 5 minutes prior to the interview, I don’t care if its raining OR the bus/train was early – hang out down the street in a safe spot or something, don’t buzz in at reception 30 odd minutes prior to an interview! WHY? Your potential employers / managers have busy schedules – their days are generally blocked out in 1 – half hour blocks so turning up that early, sends the wrong message.. understand?!

Next, freshen your breath, cut/clean your nails, BRUSH your hair, don’t over dress or under dress – if unsure, politely ask “what sort of attire should I wear to this meeting?” simple. Oh and last but not least, GOOGLE maps where it is you have to go – yes I am as guilty as any with this one, but getting lost and then rushing around like a headless chook hoping they won’t notice how late you’re going to be is not cool – call ahead, be up-front and honest let them know you’re lost, 99% of the time you’ll be saved by that – but still GOOGLE where it is you have to go, before you go to bed that night > even send the map URL to your mobile and load it up ready to go in case you run out of reception where ever you are.

Concluding this blog – in my opinion the key blend that works more often than not in that first interview is to go in with the mindset of; is this job right for me? – do I like the people interviewing me? – am I interested in their projects? – all whilst displaying your best you! NEVER lie / NEVER over exaggerate your skill set – it will only come back to bite you, if you end up getting the job. At the end of the day it’s all about LIKE.. is there a compatibility there between you and the employer..?

Your friend, Jason W. Roulston


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