Tech Resumes… What’s Up With Them..? Part 1.

For the last little while almost every Tech specialist from Brisbane to the Gold Coast has been asking me where they can get their resumes “professionally” drawn up – for a good price.

Besides this it seems to be a common theme that “super star” web developers don’t need a resume, because resumes are a thing of the past.. well maybe soon, but not just quite yet. Most large corporate companies still require both myself and my peers within the industry to supply them with a resume before they will even entertain the idea of a first round interview. WHY do they STILL want your resume..? Not quiet sure really, feel free to comment below if you have any ideas. however yes, it is a little old school – and as we all know most of Brisbane still is “old school” in a lot of it way’s concerning Tech, which is good – it’s why lots of us are here I guess.

If you think about it, resumes are important for one of two reasons the first, is to provide the potential employer a read out of your past experience in the particular field against that job you are applying for. Secondly, it allows potential employers to view your time durations in your previous jobs.

In concluding Part 1 – It’s smart to keep resumes specific to the jobs you are applying for – ie. if you’re someone with a wide variety of skills, let’s just say you’ve been a C# / Back-End dev, a Front-End developer and or maybe you’ve been in help desk once before, and all for a year or two at a time – if the job you’ve applied for is a Web Development position utilising HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. then you have to cut everything else out and beef out your web dev skills and experience only – KEEP your resume specific to that job you are applying for, even if it means slimming you resume down. AND for the record, the myth that a good CV is only two pages, is absolute bollocks! – C’mon, don’t be lazy draft yourself up 2,3 or even 4 resumes if you have to. Google FREE RESUME TEMPLATES there are loads of good sites out there.


8 thoughts on “Tech Resumes… What’s Up With Them..? Part 1.

  1. Jason, I agree with you about tailoring your CV… but if you had two or three relevant jobs with two or three non-relevant jobs in between, how would you explain the gap if you take them out??

  2. Cathryn, great question. This is something that more senior candidates in the market will have to deal with obviously – don’t take out the jobs, but also don’t leave them as equally detailed on your CV as the more relevant ones.. does that make sense?

  3. Excellent. I basically do that – dial up the relevant ones, dial down the others, and maybe include tasks/responsibilities that might have transferable skills to the job I’m applying for… Sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch – but I’m always honest! 🙂

  4. Oh, and what “section provided” are you referring to in your other response above? For an attention grabbing statement…??

  5. I ask because I’m a big fan of the cover letter. Several employers have told me at interview that my letter was what made them interview me first… Although I’m not actually a techie person.

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