Where’s that ‘Perfect’ Tech Job for you in Brisbane…?

As it seems right now most people in Web, Tech & Online want – a cooler job – better work hours – more interesting/challenging projects & of course, more money. Ok so at the moment I have a lot of cool web development opportunities, a few copy writing jobs and 2 SEM jobs, so these are the people I am speaking with – around 20+ daily, across these professions and most are from right here in Brisbane.

Almost everyone I speak with on a daily basis want ‘something for nothing’ for one reason or another, but let’s put it like this – just say you’re a Front-End Web Developer and you’d like a job that’s developing with the newest technologies, working on the latest projects, with say a $10,000 to $15,000+ pay rise (from what you might be on now), in a company that will allow you to work from home on the odd occasion – (FYI these are the most popular ‘wants’ I hear of everyday). What I mean with people ‘wanting something for nothing’ is just that, almost everyone does want something before they have to give something.

My philosophy is; “give value of your skills generously first, then in return the universe will provide for you” – it can’t, not! This is true, because the kind of people whom are content with taking a good secure job, where the environment is vibrant and positive and the team leader / manager / boss is fair and rewards you accordingly – these people are picking up cool jobs that are just right for them, what’s more – sometimes these type of folk are picking up a job within a week from first contact with me. Now this is not to say that the more specific / picky or demanding people aren’t finding work, it just means that they are waiting around a little longer for that ‘Perfect job’. Now does the perfect jobs exist..?

My opinion is, YES the PERFECT Tech job does exist – although as with everything in life and as the old saying goes, it’s all about ‘seeing the imperfect things perfect’ – now unless you’re prepared to go out on your own and build a SME business, where you’re your own boss and you can choose your salary, work hours and work projects etc – you may just have to be patient. What I’m saying is, if you’re actively looking / needing a new job because you’re out of one – it is important to choose from the best jobs available right now and run with it, because chances are you might not be there in 12 – 18 months time.  Take the best job that you can find now – work hard in it – apply all your talent – turn up on time, leave a bit later each day – have fun, because before long you’ll be rewarded – with either a promotion and or a pay rise, if not you’ll be picked up or head hunted out to something new from someone who will appreciate you more, because I am constantly receiving phone calls from managers and owners of Web, Tech and Online companies looking for new talent.


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