theWEBrecruiters beginning…

Early in 2011 – after deciding on a minor career change out of the property management and the real estate industry, mostly because I wanted more of a ‘life’ instead of working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. I heard recruitment was similar to real estate, with less hours – so I went for a peak to see what it was all about.

After receiving a number of closed doors from other popular recruitment companies, I was picked up by one of Brisbane’s most well-known IT recruiters, Ciaran O’Donnell. At first I wasn’t sure about either him or his boss Russell Fairbanks, not to mention our company Boston Kennedy. My initial thoughts were, that of both them and the company was too small and perhaps wouldn’t make it as it as a brand in Brisbane, (how wrong I was to be about these two and their achievements).

During the last stages of my recruitment process with Boston Kennedy, Ciaran kindly / tactically invited me to the Boston Kennedy Brisbane market launch. At first I thought sweet FREE party 🙂 I’m sure most people’s reactions would have been the same. The event was a success to say the least. That morning at about 2am, after about a drink or… 14+ with a good group of clients from an array of different organisations around Brisbane and with the help of Ciaran & Brett Barber, I’d picked up my first ever job as a recruitment consultant. It was a SEO/SEM position – I had NO idea what SEO was at the time. This role was with a finance & insurance company on the west side of Brisbane. I won’t go into much detail about that night 🙂 but let’s just say, it was lots of fun and I made some very good friends/clients!

I started with Boston Kennedy the next day, on April 11, 2011 and along with Ciaran, I worked my behind off – staying back until 7-8pm each night to meet and speak with everyone who was interested in my first ever vacancy. I was excited. After, 3 weeks and over 108 phone interviews and 34+ face to face interviews – totalling 190 hours, I’d successfully found and placed my FIRST ever super-star candidate. I might add that, today he and I are still very good friends, as I am with almost all of my successful placements – they all become my good friends. As this was my first taste of success in recruitment it left me eager to grow my business, so I could help find more super-stars out there. The feeling you receive when you’ve successfully found someone their ‘dream job’ is just awesome – what compliments that nicely is when that person adds genuine value to your clients. Everyone wins – and that, is what it’s all about!

In concluding this blog, I mentioned at the beginning how I wanted to get out of the real estate industry because I wanted more of a “life” – funny thing is I spend WAY more time now searching for new and competent Web, Tech & Online talent, than I ever did when I was selling houses et cetera. It’s just awesome when you find your passion in this life – if you haven’t found yours…  let’s have a chat.. some time, no rush 🙂


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